"Come Nest in Our Holistic Wellness"


Chair Massage for your Corporation, your Home and your Private Event...

Whether you want to energize your employees at work, unwind with your BFFs at home or invite some of your favorite people to a private spa party...every one will love receiving a chair massage.

Chair Massage Event Pricing & Breakdown

Chair Massage can be Management sponsored as a Employee Appreciation Day gift (management pays).

or Employee funded with each employee paying for their own massage at $10 per person. (Great event for organizations and Apartment building as well.)

Each event runs for a minimum of 2hrs  (4hrs is the max).  Each person in attendance will receives a 10 minute chair massage.

The total fee for a 2hr event is $320.00.

Fee pays for 2 massage therapist and allows for at least  20 to 24 people to receive a massage. (Please contact us for pricing for events longer then 2hrs.)

The Potential Benefits

Corporate Chair Massage are quite broad and they make a lasting impact on your work place environment.

Whether you want to reward your employees for giving their all during the final push of that last big project or you want to say thank you to them for always working at their maximum, chair massage in the office is a luxurious yet inexpensive way for your corporation to show your employees how much they are appreciated. 

Corporate Chair Massage is easy, fast and convenient, especially when it is compared with other employee benefits.  There are many study that tout the benefits of chair massage on employees as well as on the benefits to the business, some of them include:

Workplace chair massage will help: ▪️employees decrease aches and pains ▪️reduce stress 

▪️Lessen Anxiety

▪️increase morale 

▪️improves immune function 

▪️decreased chance of injury etc.

It will help your business:

▪️increase productivity 

▪️decrease absenteeism 

▪️improve retention rates 

▪️elevate morale  

▪️Energize and motivate employees

Chair massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. The Massage Therapist will combined Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to meet each individual's need. Employers and employees whose jobs require prolonged sitting, standing, lifting, bending repetitively to one sided will benefit greatly from their chair massage; and because everyone remains clothed and no oils or lotions are used there is no disruption to the workday. 

Note: time taken to administer each session will include a 2 minute clean up changeover per person this time is not included into the massage time.